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now about Mosab Hassan Yousef…

February 28, 2010

How often in history does it happen that one person can really make in difference? How often does an Oskar Schindler come along? or a Paul Revere? How often does it occur that one man caught in the middle between warring factions can find a way to save the precious lives of people on both sides?

Such shrewd bravery–the kind that works covertly so as to be unnoticed and optimally effective–probably happens more often than we realize, though it’s not very often that we find about it. But I did hear about one such person a few days ago on NPR.

Robert Siegel was reporting on the activities of a young man named Mosab Hassan Yousef, who adroitly used an intimate family connection to Hamas (his father was a founder)¬† to save people instead of blowing them up. And, as it turns out, young Mosab saved a lot of people…hundreds.

During the course of the radio spot on <i>All Things Considered</i>, Robert questioned Avi Isaacharof about Yousef’s mission of saving lives, and this is what the Ha’aretz reporter said:
“…because of his involvement he managed to prevent tens and tens and tens of suicide attacks against Israeli civilians.He managed to save the lives of hundreds of Israelis, Palestinians, and foreigners by giving the Shin Bet the right information concerning wanted terrorists, or concerning suicide attackers who were on their way…to commit their attack.”

As I heard this, I was wondering what would possess a person to do such a thing? Why would a person who has good family connections risk all that privilege and authority  to take on a dangerous role as covert peacemaker? He would have to have heard from God or something.
Well as it turns out, he did. Mosab gave his life to Jesus ten years ago. Then God told the young son of a Hamas terrorist to save lives instead of kill them. So that’s the mission he undertook. It was his destiny, and he has been fulfilling it ever since. Mosab has said publicly that what initially got his spiritual attention were the words of Jesus:
“Love your enemies.”
And that was news to the boy from Ramallah. He hadn’t heard it before. But when he did hear it, he realized, after much study, that the key to overcoming all this earth-prone violence would be contained in that simple principle spoken by the Jewish Messiah. Imagine that.

Just unroll the scroll.