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Covered Women

September 20, 2016


I was a Catholic kid growing up in the 1950’s. During that era, the Church schools were administered by nuns whose habits included keeping themselves covered by black and white cloth.

But during my lifetime, now extending into 65 years, all that nunnery garb has gone the way of the buffalo. You don’t hardly see old-style nuns walking around in public any more.

On the other hand, there appears to be a worldwide movement by some religious people to keep their women covered. More about that in a moment.

Another thing that was going on back in the day, when I was a youngster, was the growth of viewership in playboy magazine, a publication that was eagerly snapped by pubescents like myself and many others, for the sake of looking at naked women.

Generally, us good Catholic boys preferred to train our eyes onto the girls in the magazine, instead of the nuns who were teaching us at school.

That infamous magazine was not the only one, as you probably know. There were many others, such as penthouse and hustler. As the years rolled by, those rags just got raunchier and raunchier. Then along came the X-rated movie houses, peep house, topless bars and ultimately the worldwide web on which any female genitalia and mammary-triggered acting out can be fantasized. At various times I sampled them all before God got a hold of me and got me straightened out on a few things.

Now I notice, ubiquitously, we inhabit an hyper-stimulating post-religious world where many women who court the public spotlight compete with each other for  male gawks by flaunting outfits that take exposure, instead of fashion, to the max.

This is very titillating, and at times seems pleasant and quite alluring, but it doesn’t solve any problems. In fact, as a certified old geezer now I am starting to think this whole hefneresque uncoverage trend has generated more trouble than its worth.

All these sexy women sauntering around in the world can actually make a man’s life much harder–not easier–to bear.

My personal experience uncovers this truth: when you get right down to it, there is nothing better for a man in this world than a real, live woman who loves him, and there is nothing better for a woman than a real, live man who loves her.

But now we have millions of horny men walking around in the post-modern, post-religion, post-playboy, post-marriage, post-internet world being constantly tormented by all these uncovered women.

And so along cometh the Muslims imams, raising their hajibual judgements against our licentious western ways.

As a Christian, I cannot deny they have a point.

They want to keep the women covered. Western women see this as oppression. Maybe it is, but there are some western men who discreetly understand why it is that the Muslims want to cover their women with hijab and niqab. My born-again assessment of this conundrum is that Law (of covering women, or anything else) is no salvation–and no solution–for delivering us over-stimulated males from our sexual obsessions. We each have our own frustrations to deal with, and that is an issue between each man and his God. And his woman, if he is fortunate enough to have one.

In other news, it has been reported that some great historian said somewhere that what goes around comes around.

I could say that, in my lifetime, the notion of women being modestly dressed has incrementally disappeared; maybe it went around the dark side of the moon or somewhere to be disposed of forever. Religious people are criticized for being old-fashioned, puritanical, repressed, blahblahblah, for their antiquated ideas about keeping women covered.

Now the idea of modesty comes back around, but this time from a different source–a different religion–not the old Catholic one, not the old Puritan one, not the old Calvinist one, but the new/old Muslim one that comes slouching from the east.

And this old guy wonders if now we really get what’s coming to us. Nebuchadnezzer is not just mouthing empty fatwahs.

Maybe it’s time to take cover.

Glass half-Full

The French want some skin in the game.

May 19, 2010

It’s amazing how many people have been born into this world because a man was attracted to a woman.

That sexual desire that burns within the loins of the male beast has been reined in by a wide assortment of laws, rules, moral codes and societal conventions over the history of civilizations.

In the world today, it seems the two most notorious constrictors of male libido are religious entities: the Catholic church, and Islam.

The Catholics regulate the problem by attempting to keep their men either a.) responsibly married, or b.) celibate.  Both conditions present perpetual difficulty for the men. The married men have trouble keeping their lustful eyes properly directed on their appointed wives.  The celibates, in many cases end up having sex on the sly with each other or with children.

In Islam, women are compelled (whether by their men or by their own devotional choice is a matter of BBC debate) to cover themselves so that the men they happen to encounter on any given day cannot  possibly be aroused by the constantly-occurring haphazard skin sightings that arise in everyday life.

In modern life, across this fresco of repressed desire is hung a banner of sexual liberation, although it is really a bondage of a different sort. The rationalistic forces of modern secular society are bound and determined to free the men and women of both these religious traditions from their obsolete sexual hang-ups.

Let ‘em have sex, screams every magazine cover, media star and internet popup on the planet. Thus are men perpetually tormented by their own errant desires as they amble daily through the marketplaces, because they’re not getting enough, yet they are being stimulated to libidinal insanity everywhere they go.

This is, however, no new dilemma, which is  why the first Christian theologian, Paul, said it is better to marry than to burn.

In the history of western civilization there exist several  nations of people whose involvement in Catholic institutions and morality are legenday. Among those countries is France.

The French people were purveyors of ardent Catholicism for a thousand years or more, until they liberated themselves from all that religious bondage in the Enlightenment of the 18th century.  A large part of their long tradition was maintained by women whose extreme devotion to piety and modesty was manifested in nunnery.

For centuries, nuns were everywhere in France, and properly covered up so the men couldn’t see their skin, except for the faces.

But the French Revolution and ringing in of the glorious liberte changed all that. Gradually, over the last two centuries, the covered-up women were seen less and less around French villages and cities.

And the sexy ones came out of the woodwork.  Frenchman had an exponentially-expanding cornucopia of lust, as most of the western world did also.

Until the Muslim women starting showing up in France in greater numbers.

Now the zesty Frenchman are all cursing under their winey breaths:

Damn! Just when we finally got rid of the nuns, here comes the burqa-covered brigade of Mohammedan prudes to deny us.

Les hommes are mad as hell about it. I guess they are just bound and determined to see a little skin on their women, and les dames are determined to keep them supplied with it.

So French legislators are restricting, by discriminatory law, the religious freedom of Muslim women who want to wear the burqa.

Laissez les femmes a porter leurs burqas! Liberte!