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Itelalai from Hualalai

September 26, 2015

In this picture we see Iwana Bananna’s backhoe.


In the background we see Hualalai volcano.

This picture was obtained at great personal peril by the haole blogger, Itelalai.

Hudunit legend says that in the year 2015 during the lunar eclipse Iwana will use his backhoe to dismantle the Hualalai volcano and dump its magnanimous lava into Kawili bay.

When this is accomplished, the cows of Bashan will come home to roost. They will discharge their guano blessings, parrot-fish-like, upon the god Bashir’s head.

Be prepared for that day. Anything could happen. Hudunit legend says that shortly after that time climate change will have run its full course and Bashir will arise from the muck and mire and reassemble Hualalai, then ascend to its peak and proclaim free lunch for everyone on the planet who volunteers to cease farting.

Reporting from Hualalai, this is Itelalai, I tell ya. I call ’em the ways I sees ’em, no ifs ands or butts.

Glass half-Full