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Reflecting on the Cranky Model-T

March 27, 2016

I never saw an old crank car,

and such a thing I thought I’d never see.

Then yesterday I spied one from afar–

in Lowe’s big parking lot, a bright red Model T.


It surely was not driven here, I thought,

this rickety, hundred-year-old  machine.

And yet its metallic gleaming my attention caught–

‘t’was such a curious cherry red dream.

I looked at that crank on the front. I mean,

I’m wond’ring is this an old cranky car, or what?

Such a sight seemed strange to me, as if I were in a dream–

Maybe next I’ll see Henry Ford, or Orville and Wilbur, or even old King Tut.

As it turned out, and I learned later, t’was no dream.

This curious machine is driven by a fellow I work with at Lowe’s.

His classic car’s been in the family since 1915.

They’ve always taken care, so that old Ford just goes and goes.

I asked Alan later, does he use that crank to make the old car start.

He said the crank would start it, just as smooth as can be.

But his uncle who owned it when a car was just a motor’d cart,

had installed a starter in his old Model-T.


To think that folks starting their Ford back in 1915

did fire up their motors with a steel handle-cranky,

is like stroking a smart-phone screen, now in  2016,

to crank up some driving directions. So swanky!

Glass half-Full