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The Give and the Take

February 18, 2012

If each person produces

a little more than they receive,

then the increase he induces,

our abundance may retrieve.


But if each citizen collects

more than he does contribute,

our collective task reflects

a deficiency to distribute.


So how can each one be induced

in the system and in the fray

to make more of what’s produced

than what he has consumed today?


But does it even make sense

to think of productivity this way,

when dollars turn to cents

and abundance slips away?


I mean the world is really not

so logical as we would wish;

some neglect to give from what they’ve got

when we pass around the dish.


Some will always get more than they give

while others give more than they get.

We see its just the way folks live.

So get used to it; don’t fret.


If you’re disturbed ’cause of inequality,

and you find this world’s so unfair,

just make the most of your potentiality,

and try to do your fair share.


Glass half-Full