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From Andalusia to Zagreb

August 24, 2019

Breeze blew ‘cross Byzantium

   ages ago,

passing passion along from ancient souls

   o’er peninsulas and shoals.

From Alexandria to Andalusia

   it blew the Medi stirring of our arcane East

   by westward winds past the European feast.

So it drifted between Aranjuez and Zagreb

   in periodic flow and ebb

   with rhythmic ebb and flow

   through passionnata on stringéd bow . . .

   . . . at providential and the muse’ behest,

   and set in sculpting stone: eternal rest;

   portraying Piéta Jesu through Michelangelo,


   as still the women come and go

   ‘cross Eliot’s wasteland scenario.

From Ave Maria in Madrid

   this opus we/they did;

   even SaintSaens’ secular Swan

   summons that age-old bond:

   reflecting melancholic tension

   in existential apprehension

   again and again and again;

   the passion passes

   through striving laborious hands

   in colored or melodic strands.

On moonlit nights;

   sonata strains reflect the light

   from hand to frantic hand

   and back again.

Did history require

   two world wars

   and a string of smaller frays

   to say

   our living legacy dies daily?

Yet does our living tragedy thrive daily,

   in this human soul of frailty.

Why even a saintless ’60’s Superstar

   drove our anguished digression,

   our zeitgeist obsession,

   as passion passed through

   rejected hands again

   as passion passed through

   conflicted lives again

   as passion passes through

   immigrant pathos again

   and again and again

   to reveal those nail-scarred hands again


   Must be something to it;

   we should not eschew it:

Those despiséd and rejected ones of men–

   again and again and again:

   the passing man of sorrow,

   yesterday, today, tomorrow—

   the woman acquainted with grief,

   through death that steals in like a thief

   the stranger and the strange,

Again and again and again.

Must be something to it;

   we should not eschew it.

Glass half-Full

The Bubble of Twit

February 3, 2013

The tweeter man he

fill the world with monitored


he wear no shoeshine

he suck hot electrons from

the net he live and breathe

exexististential immediacy

m-my g-generation

foment revolution from afar

watch bleary-eyed all hours

of the night

with the evidence-based idea that homo sapiens

can evolve beyond original

sin                 cosine

just because desperadoes from afar

throw rocks from behind



in the Square

every other generation or so

but hey, he be on top of it

he be occupyin

he wear no shoeshine

but he wear vicarious révolucion

on his bleedin sleeve, until

the clenched fist

the curved sword or

stock glock

shut em down

good luck wi dat.

But hey what beast creeps up

gehenna road

smarter than yo average phone

in hand

what beast? i tell ya

CR, with new novel, Smoke, in progress