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We have some choices.

January 2, 2012

So what we have here in a finite world of limited resources but unlimited potential is a set of questions about who gets what, how they get it, what they do with it, and how others are then affected by it and what happens as a result.

Not to mention that old bugaboo colonialism and its modernized morphosis, imperialism, which leads to the questions of corporatism vs. statism, exploitation, nationalization, banana republic, democratic republic, wealth generation, wall street and main street, city and country, urb and suburb, resource distribution, income redistribution, socialism capitalism communism fascism naziism islamism  theism atheism existentialism nihilism  modern- and postmodernism, vassal and free, serf and freedman, indentured or not, enslaved or liberated, liberal or conservative, liberal and neoliberal, conservative and neocon, collectivist or free marketeer, giver or taker, regulator or regulated, revolutionary or reactionary, propheteer or pamphleteer, opportunist or freeloader,  work or  disability, employment or un-,  welfare or entrepreneurware… shades of gray, white, black, good and bad, sheep and shearer, lambs and wolves, law-abiders and anarchists, law-enforcers and criminals, guards and prisoners, cops and robbers, good cop bad cop,  preppies and greasers, achievers and slackers. movers, shakers, slouches, pacifists, soldiers, warlords or house of lords, life and death situations, to be or not-to-be,  and everything in between, fish or cut bait.

And whether property will be private or public, and what you can do with it, and whether the government will take on all responsibilities for everybody’s welfare, or whether individuals will hold themselves responsible, or some blend thereof.

These are the choices that challenge us in 2012. Good luck with that. Be warm and prosper, and whatever you choose to do, vaya con Dios.

Glass half-Full