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An English lesson for Birdbrains

January 22, 2016

In the English language, appending an “s” at the end of a common noun renders the word plural, as in:

Birds eat.



The other side of the story  in English is this: appending an “s” at the end of  a verb designates the present tense:

Bird eats.



In the Faith language, appending a statement of faith to an event renders it more meaningful.


“Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them.”

In Economics language, appending a bird pic and a statement of faith to an unemployed birdbrain’s idle musings renders the event an experience of faith instead of foolishness.

That’s today’s lesson.

Go in peace.


Glass half-Full

Blood runs through it

May 5, 2015


It not very often that a man can see

such a sight as this little nest in a tree

woven among branches, for free.

An ole fella showed it to me.


One of those rusty little robin mamas hath done this;

She been hoppin around on grass

pluckin up worms and strands and God only knows

what all she be extractin for these little critters to eat.


Why just a little while back

when I was achin for spring to pop out

she come hoppin around like she own the place.

Now look what she done.


As I look at this wonder in the tree

three little miracles do I see:

that tweeky yellow beak, fully formed it seems to me,

quite prickly in the midst of that soft bird infancy,


and a fat vessel where birdie’s red blood I see

in this miniscule critter balled up in sibling idiocy

as these clueless hatchlings await their turn

to grab from mama beak a big fat worm,

or two.

Who knew?


And number three wonder is the vigilant care

with which mama robin hath woven this nest so fair.

She must really love them little critters in there,

dispensing her care from out of thin air.


Now somewhere deep in my memory

someone said only God can make a tree;

now I’m amazed he grew this tree here for me

so I can view such new life from mama birdie.


Glass Chimera

Bird at my Window

April 19, 2015

Here’s a little bird by my window.

How he landed here I do not know.

I can’t understand why he paused from winging,

then a-lighted here upon my contemplative feeling

while I sip darjeeling.

Now as I don’t know why a caged bird would sing,

so do I not comprehend why some free bird should fling

himself against this glass invisible thing.

Bird at my Window

Now as I watch him here, while I am sitting,

and I do ponder on his fretful flitting,

I know not what fate my future life might bring

can’t foresee what stones some enemy might sling

nor anticipate what news some fateful bell will ring.

I don’t know what pesky thing

might attach itself  to me to cling

to bet against my errant dealing,

or abscond my precious, hard-earned bling.

For all I know, someday Life may send me reeling;

I might even bang my head upon the ceiling,

like my bird friend at this window reeling.

But after a while, being a human being,

I’d certainly seek some healing,

Surely I would pray, even kneeling,

to shed my stubborn sins and fears, like onion peeling.

Unto merciful God I’ll someday be appealing;

T’is then I’ll beat my head upon some heavenly window,

when to eternity’s grand dwelling I will go.

Like this wacky bird with such stubborn sass,

I’ll knock my head on heaven’s glass.

Let me in.

Let me in!

Bird at my Window

Glass half-Full

The Memory of Wild

July 6, 2014

QuetzlArtDeep down inside

it is there

or is it?

high above the green forest canopy

nearly hidden from our sights.

or hiding from our captive

civilizing acquisitive


Living high above our territory

it is there

or is it?

burrowing beneath the trod of human feet

cringing from electronic drumbeat

of civilizing man

beneath the artifacts

among fossils

fleeing us fools

flora and fauna

i wanna

u. I think therefore

am I?

  Glass Chimera