We got Dem King n Burwell blues agin


Big Brutha don’t want no death spiral ’round here

can’t let this Law go down,

cuz they done made this deal downtown:

won’t let Dem peoples experience fear

nor even shed a tear.

You hear?


It would be Orwellian–

a tale beyond Dem tellin’,

tail waggin’ de dog  is what I say

what this gov’ment confusion is today!

Was it always this way?


It’d be flat out Orwellian

a scam beyond the tellin’

if they call it flexibility–

what is in fact hijackin’ state’s ability

to make an “Exchange established by the state”

but be really Exchange imposed by THE STATE


of the Union.

That be my umble opinion.

This new New Deal done fall apart

from its very Reconciliation start,

like peel’n of an onion

our Insured Federal union.


Big brutha don’t want no death spirals ’round here–

no mortal holes in coverage, no death-panel fear

as Dem brought on by Republican occlusion,

and then adjudicated wi’ judicial confusion

lest we suffer some delusion

that lead to big contusion.

Aint healthy that–

too much redundant Federal obese fat.


Ev’body covered–

that be the gov’ment plan.

‘though liberty now be smothered

we be gettin’ it while we can,

before the coverage run out

and Dem peoples begin to shout,

or maybe if we lucky they just pout.

Tha’s what I’m talkin’ about.


Glass Chimera


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