Something happening here

People have always been coming together for one reason or another, haven’t they?

Let’s get together so we can overcome these fierce animals.

Let’s go out and hunt some animals so we’ll have meat.

Let’s gather these fruits; let’s collect these seeds; then we’ll crush them together and eat them.

Let’s build a fire and cook what we find.

Let’s keep warm. We’ll tell some stories. We’ll drink the fermented grape and feel safe together for a while.

Let’s go see what the next tribe is doing.

Oh look, they’ve got these potatoes we’ve never seen before; they want to give us some in exchange for our buffalo.

Wow, they are drinking milk from their animals. Wonder what that tastes like.

Here comes this man we’ve been hearing about, this Nimrod man. He says he can protect us in exchange for our labor in his fields.

Now he wants to build a big dwelling place; his people say they will feed us and give us shelter if we help them while they are stacking the  big stones for the great house.

Look. They are chipping the stones to make them fit closer. What’s that in his hand?

We need one of those.

They say we can use their tools if we help them build the great house.

Now they want to build a Great House for god.

Which god? Their god or our God?


Let’s go; I’m hungry. They seem to know what they’re doing. We’ll follow them.

Oh, look at the color of that woman’s garment. How did she make it that color?

I want that color on mine.


Let’s go. There’s something happening there.

They have more than they need; they will put the color on our garments while we help them build the Great House.

One Great House. Two great houses, three, four. . . many great houses

Look. Very big house! So tall. How did they do that?

We need to know how they build Great House so great!

Oh no, what are they arguing about?

Oh no, what are they fighting about?

We better get out of here. We go back where our great Fathers and Mothers started, back down the road, out in countryside where we can grow our own as Fathers and Mothers did back in the day.

No. We stay here. We must stay here.

Great People say we must stay here, work for them. It’ll all work out.

Well, ok then, you stay, but I go. I take my family and leave.

Where you go?

I go to Ur. Something happening there.

You leave Accad to go to Ur? Dangerous place.

Not as dangerous as here, and they pay better.

See ya, been nice knowing you. I go to Ur now.

He go to Ur. He go to Ninevah. They go to India. These go to Egypt. Those go to Syria, Persia, Asia.

Athens, Rome.


Something happening there. We want in. We want bread and circuses.

Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley.

Look! Never seen that before. Cool!

Nothing new under the sun! Well maybe.


Glass Chimera

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