Dinosaur Ozzymandius

Dinosaur, oh dinosaur, what happened to you?

Did you get stuck in the mud?

Did you fall with a thud?

Did you get bogged in a bog?

Did you get lost in the fog?

Dinosaur, oh dinosaur, what now will you do?


Boomer, oh baby boomer, what’s happening to you?

Are you mired in routine?

Are you caught in between

being  red, blue, or green?

Did you get old while caught up in the dream?

Boomer, oh baby boomer, what now will you do?


Worker, oh worker, what has happened to you?

Are you still working, are you doing full-time?

Or are you in that frumpy unemployment line?

Have you lost your top dollar, waiting on a dime?

Did you do some retraining to buy you some time?

Worker, oh worker, oh what now will you do?


Yuppie, oh yuppie, what’s up with you?

Did you hook up with prosperity?

Did you pair up with some parity?

Did you give some to charity?

Or Is your generosity a rarity?

Yuppie, oh yuppie, you know what to do.


Person, oh person, now what will you do?

now that the many has fizzled to few,

now that the few has dwindled to you,

now that the turning has turned round to you,

do you know what to do, do you see what is true?

Maybe it’s not, after all,  all about you.


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