O ye Chicken Inspector

O ye O ye

chicken inspector!

Ye better do ye job

cuz we be

dependin on u

to catch the contagion

to snatch the salmonella

before it do it bad thing.

Now be de time to

do ye job,

reverse dat ol strike mentality

dat ol labor union barricade whoopfiz biz

wi cryinz in d’street

an all dat anarchy bee-ez.

Jez do ye job

cuz we need u stay on task

no matte what sequesta cracka say.

Knock down dem salmonellas


and giardias and germs

ev’ day

das what we say!

Hey! Keep it clean.

We be a clean machine. Les keep it

dat way. Do ye job no matta

what dey say no matta

what FDA say

no matta what OMB or Security or DemRepub say

Do yo job today

cuz we need u yeah!

TSA U 2!

even if dem frequent flyas glare at you.


O ye O ye

air traffic controller!

Ye better do ye job

cuz we be

dependin on u

to unsnarl dem can o worms

in our skies

so we don’ dies

trying to fly ’round

get from town to town

get up get down

Don’ pay no ‘tension to dat background noise,

dem consumer device toys,

jez keep ye eye on d’blip

not on d’slipping dip

cuz we be depend on u.

Keep yo eye on de donut

not on de hole.

Dat sacred duty–it be soul,

of our nation, an

das what I’m talkin about:

Don’t pout.

Times is hard y’all!

Heed the call.

Now all ye workin folk out dere

Now be d’time for all mens

an womens too

to come to d’aid of our country today

cuz we be

depend on u.

I aint shittn you.

Les keep dis ting goin

don let it fall

don let it stall.

It don depend on dat Wash’n beltway be-ez biz,

cuz is what it is and dat all dat it is.

It depend on me and you.

Dis be true: on me and you, an don stop prayn.

Das all I sayn.


CR, with new novel, Smoke, in progress

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