Higgs-boson is One.

Higgs figured it out but they wanted to remove all doubt so they cranked up a hadron to run ’til they had one– a particle that would prove to be the real article. it would show up in the collider maybe disproving for some the theory of a Provider. it would happen at the CERN somewhere near Lucerne as soon as they could discern what Higgs had already inferred ‘though the elusive thing had not yet been interred; but as soon as they were certain that there was higgs-boson behind the curtain they would know that they had sped a proton as fast as a friggin photon, gathering data for the theory to float on, as soon as they could get the thing to go fast enough it would provide proof of energy celebrating mass, not a a catholic one but rather  a quirky quarkic one. when at last they had smashed the little thing to get a quark as certifiable as noahs ark– just a very small piece of cosmology to outweigh all the ethereal theology, when they had found the god particle then journalists could write the article to present the evidence, no longer was it unproven like providence. no not a god of the cosmos but of the inside of the atom, deep down among the neutrinos, hoodwinking the casinos, and they’d wagered that the higgs-boson was one, somewhere inside the atom. now we can forget about the adam, and eve. now we have found the boson so we know how the world goes on. yes it still goes and goes,  with all its woes and woes, and toes.

Glass Chimera


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