Brave New Whirl

The descent of man:

it does spiral down through history and time

to some questionable fate, beyond freedom

and dignity;

it just takes our breath away.


Passing through Huxley’s brave new world,

a controlled world that is– made stable by

bio-engineered castes, who’ve been rendered “blissfully


of passion and old age” by test-tubed wonderkinds,

with social pharmakia and so forth and so on–

well, here came a working class hero

into this spiraling business of mankind.


He wandered in–

another Brit he was, and another genius, at that–

into the vortex of supine wizardry

that is the art and sciences, and of course the music,

hawking tickets to soma magical mystery tour;

he would pied-piper us through strawberry fields,

over men and barrels and hoops and horses

and lastly through some hogshead of real fire,

and onward

through the brave new whirl.

“Imagine” said he,

“there’s no countries…nothing

to kill or die for,

no religion too.”


Well whoopdy do.


In your dreams.


All the while, the fool on the hill

had nails in his hands.

But that was no dream;

yeah, I say unto thee, it became the resurrected

brave new pearl

of great price. Oh! what a price!

Now that’s the descent of Man,

and the Ascent too.

What’s it to you?


CR, with new novel, Smoke, in progress

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