Just because I grew up with you

doesn’t mean

I have to condone your way of doing things,

your slackery get down party hard irrelevance,

because your slatherin relativity

will wither

in the hot wind of rigid sharia shakedown.


Just because I hunker down

at the onslaught of your slitherin sitcom triviality

doesn’t mean

I have to concede to your casting spells,

because your broadcast of splinterin smithereens

will splatter

on the heartless blade of swaggerin sword.


Just because we part ways,

you to broad and me to narrow,

doesn’t mean

I don’t love you,

‘though your stumble on slippery slope

will sever

our simple serfish slavery.


But when you strive to crucify

the likes of me

then don’t be surprised at what’s to come thereafter.


Glass Chimera


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