S&P wake-up call

Numerous talking heads have been pontificating so plentifully today and yesterday about that despicable ratings agency–the one that dropped the ball back in ’08– Standard & Poor’s.

So many opinionators were covering the wide palette of artful euphemism, expressing their studied opinions– from the subtlest nuance of implicit complaint, to damn-near explicit accusation–that poor S&P is responsible for this raveling mess we’re in.

What the wise commentators should have been saying is: Thank you, S&P for the wake-up call.

‘Tis not the despised downgrade that investors truly fear; ’tis not the dreaded double-dip. What investors are desperately trying to sidestep with their frantic sell-off is nothing so trivially symptomatic as all that statistical stuff.

They simply want to lose as little “money” as possible. Can’t blame them for that. They’re investors, for crying out loud, not talking heads.

I will utter what the President and so many others were unwilling to express today: Thank you, Standard & Poor’s, for the wake-up call. Its about time someboday called a spade a spade.

America, wake up! It’s time to get busy, and pull ourselves out of this debt hole we’ve dug ourselves into. It is obvious that Congress can’t pull us out out, and the President’s comments are helpful, but. . .

Its up to us, individually and collectively. What have YOU done today to improve this life for yourself, your family, your community, your country?

CR, with new novel, Smoke, in progress, which begins on Tottenham Court Road in London

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