Let the chips fall as they may.

So now Senator Cantor has withdrawn from the fiscal peacemaking committee, so-called gang of six. And I hear also that Senator Kyl is withdrawing as well. I also remember, it seems, that a few weeks ago Senator Coburn withdrew from those negotiations.

It appears that the Mr. Vice President Biden’s noble efforts to retrieve Congressional responsibility have smashed upon the rocks of stubborn politics and a hard place of arithmetical reality.

The Dems say that the Repubs are protecting their precious millionaires and billionaires. The Repubs say the buck has to stop somewhere.

There is no easy way out of this mess. We might as well default, and let the blue chips fall as they may. The red and the white chips too.Then we can pick up the pieces and start over.

Glass Chimera

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One Response to “Let the chips fall as they may.”

  1. careyrowland Says:

    Correction: Congressman Eric Cantor, US House of Representatives, Majority leader

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