Snick’rish tricks

Wisconsin Republicans’ midnight legislative hocus
reminds me of last year’s Democrat health-care Congressional pocus
with affordable  reconciliation smoke and mirrors
across the aisle
beastly fakish pranky calls
‘midst legislative stalls
ruses of Republy pimp and floozie snares,
touting dolled-up deceptive wares,
unplanned parenthood  cares,
and conniving conservative enrapt’ments
for liberal entrapments
in virtual video, dontch know,
just for show–
netspeak freaks
conceived by geeks.
Methinks now we’ve warped into some twilight zone
(financed with quanti-easing loans)
of uncertain credibilities
suspect respectabilities
fueled by shifty shenanigans, whence trust is indeterminable
and truth is irretrievable,
relative to who you think you’re talking to.
That said–
it seems the nights have eyes and walls have ears, perhaps
touting Kafkaesque
It’s double bubble,  night-soil and trouble.
When the hurly burly’s done,
political tricks have the power to stun
a titillated nation with a cocky gun.

Oh,but there’s no turning back now,
no time for cow-tow
‘cuz the die is cast;  integrity’s past.
And my mind misgives
some consequence,
yet hanging in the stars,
shall bitterly affix
these snick’rish tricks.

Glass Chimera


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