Carbon contrition

The big guys
they got together
to repent of their carbonous sin
to change their wiki ways
no more emissions
and btw
you little guys
you cant do waht we did
hundred years ago
cuz our planet cant afford it.
All this slash and burn
all this turn and earnits got to go.

So here’s the deal:

we will buy some carbon credits
send you some sustainable debits
so we can keep on burnin
same way we been churnin
while your forests soak up
our emissions
our contritions
but dont you be burnin no wood
down there
dont be diggin no mines
like we did hundred years ago.
(you be screwed.)

How fair is that?
A man gets tied up to the ground
he gives the world
its saddest sound
its saddest sound.
Those thirdworld crocodiles must cry
while our jets fly.

All those little indigenous guys–
we nominate them
for the Confucius prize.



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