Breyer: Our rule of law is “a treasure.”

“It’s too bad there wasn’t violence,” said the commenter to Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.
The man had been upset about the outcome of the Bush v. Gore case that  decided the presidential election in 2000. You may remember that many Americans were enraged about that decision; some are still mad about it.

“You really think that?” queried Breyer to the discontent soul. “Turn on the television set. Go look and see what happens where there is violence…”
Justice Breyer considers it a treasure that we Americans have decided “to resolve (our) differences under law, and not through violence in the streets.
I heard him saying this as he spoke with Diane Rehm on her radio show yesterday, October 7.

Words of wisdom from a 16-year veteran of our nation’s highest court.

I’m hoping that in the volatile days ahead, we can maintain our trust in that rule of Law, as it is manifested in our Constitution, be it a “living” document or  one of “original intent.

If you’d like to know more of what Stephen  Justice has to say about our rich heritage as a nation with the benefit of a great Constitution, read his new book, Making of a Democracy: a Judge’s View.


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