The Prez and Mr. Wen

I can just imagine what our President must have been saying, in advance apologeia, to the Chinese premier last week:

SO sorry, Mr. Wen. Our unruly House of Representatives is liable to do anything in these present dire circumstances.  They’re like a herd of wounded buffalo that’s been cornered in a canyon by a bunch of emerging nation cowboys.  No tellin’ what they’ll do.  We’re a democracy,  you know.  The reps are sensitive to their constituents, we the people and all that.

We’re not like you guys in China, with your micromanaging number-crunchin’ CCP bureacrats who get everything figured out and then tweak the economic engines with a spurt here and a spot-check there.
No, we’re a wild bunch, especially those guys and gals in the house. They’re liable to do any desperado thing to save their asses in this election year.

I understand what you guys are going through over there.  Hey, we were doin’ the same thing a hundred years ago, expanding like crazy. Hell, I’ve heard about Pudong in the last twenty years or so, like our  Los Angeles was back in the heyday…

Our folks are runnin’ scared; they need to figure out how to start making stuff again and selling it to each other instead of buying so much from you guys, but try to tell ’em that  when they’re down at walmart looking  to save a buck…a devalued buck.  Hey, speaking of devaluation,  you might want to think about propping up your yuan a little bit to give us a fightin’ chance  before this thing blows up in our faces.
I mean, you guys can do a turnaround, right?  Look at what Deng did back in the 80s after the big guy kicked the bucket.
Bottom line, Mr. Wen, is give us a break, will ya?

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