The Twelfth Imam

Muslims of Shi’a Islam believe there is a great Imam, a spiritual leader, who has been alive on the earth since the year 872 c.e. They believe that he, Muhammed al-Mahdi, will emerge from his prolonged hiding and return to public life someday, probably soon.

Shi’as believe that when this Imam, the 12th Imam after Mohammed, returns, he will be with Jesus. They believe that their return to public ministry together will initiate a new age of  peace and justice on earth.

We Christians do not accept this scenario of Christ’s return to this troubled earth.  We believe Jesus will return on his own, being One with God, the Creator of the Universe. There will be no need for a Twelfth Imam accompanying him.

Whose apocolyptic vision is the correct one? The Christian one derived from the Bible, or the Muslim one derived from the Q’uran? When that great day comes, we shall see who is right, eh?

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