About a nice Jewish girl looking for a nice Jewish boy

A nice Jewish girl was  looking for a nice Jewish boy in Jerusalem.

But she, a precocious  practitioner  of post-orthodox  morality, settled hastily upon immediate coitus with her randomly-chosen thrill-prick partner, instead  of the traditional marital consummation with a canopy and a smashed glass and so forth. Thus did the rudderless, liberated Israeli floozie manage to  make of herself a victim–a victim of  “rape by deception.”  The hot boy turned out to be, of all things, an Arab, not a Jew.

The clueless Jewess should have conducted her search in a more traditional way.  Maybe she should have scoped  out the synagogue, instead of wherever it was that she and Sabbar  had hooked up.  She would have done better to patiently and carefully seek out a true Jew–a man who is morally responsible, sensitive to a woman’s real needs,  and who understands the  covenental  paradigm  in which  life,  love and family  is procreated in this– God’s prolific earth,  in spite  of the dehumanizing  heathen  culture that preys upon our basest lusts and infects  us with its STD contagions.

Maybe the nice Jewish girl will get through this ordeal and next time find herself a nice Jewish boy, if it’s not too late,  next year in Jerusalem.


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