Praise God for the NAACP

Praise God for the NAACP, an organization in which a person is still able to publicly testify, without nitpicky persecution, about what God has done for her.

Shirley Sherrod recently addressed a convention of their members at the Freedom Fund banquet. She delivered a powerful, timely message for  that organization, and indeed for our nation during this perilous time. You may want to watch Shirley’s entire address as it has posted online,

Her testimony constitutes an exemplary demonstration of how one person who has love, a constructive attitude, and a little help from God can overcome adversity. Ms.Sherrod has persevered though lifelong persecution and  hate to make a positive impact on a dysfunctional society. Hers is a rare contribution in a world ithat desperately needs  help.
I’d like to share with you a few selections from what she told the NAACP that night of March 27, 2010. The rest of this blog consists of quotes I have selected from Ms. Sherrod’s message:

“I knew that on the night of my father’s death (in June, 1965, ed.), I felt I had to do something.I had to do something in answer to what had happened. My father wasn’t the first black person to be killed. He was a leader in the community. He wasn’t the first one to be killed by white men in the county. But I couldn’t just let his death go without doing something in answer to what had happened. I made the commitment on that night at the age of 17 that I would not leave the south, that I would stay in the south and devote my life to working for change…”

“Two weeks after I had gone to school at Fort Valley, they called and told me that a bunch of white men had gathered outside our home one night and burned a cross….”

“My mother and my sister were out on the porch, with a gun…she saw some of them; she recognized some of them. She said: ‘I see you. I know who you are.'”
“She became the first black official in Baker County, just 11 years later, and she is still serving, y’all.  She’s chair of the board of education, and she’s been serving almost 34 years.”

“I didn’t know how I would carry out my commitment that night…”

“…that night…I was back in one of the bedrooms praying, asking God to show me what I could do.  I didn’t have… the path wasn’t laid out…there that night…I just made a decision that I would stay and work (instead of moving up north, ed.),  and young people,  I want you to know that when you are true to what God wants you to do, the path just opens up, and things just come to you.  God is good; I can tell you that.”

“…I’ve come a long ways. I know that I couldn’t live with hate, you know. As my mother had said to so many, “If we had tried to live with hate in our hearts, we would probably  be dead now. But I’ve come to realize that we have to work together, and it’s sad that we don’t have a room full of whites and blacks here together tonight, because we have to overcome the divisions…”


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