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the primal urge

June 1, 2010

As a man grows beyond childhood, he discovers within himself a powerful, though bewildering, urge. When he begins slowly, through many acts of clumsy assertion, to act upon his youthful impulses, he finds frustration along the way.
As maturity lays of hold of him, the man finds that his undirected energies yearn for alignment toward a specific destination. That special  place of fulfillment is most surely found within a woman’s hips, but not just any woman will do.

Now the world tells the man that he can just cast his seed beneath whatever swinging skirts would suit his fancy.
But there is, in fact, one sweet spot in this world where his unique contribution to progress can find its greatest fulfillment.
Once he has found the woman who holds the key to his reproductive legacy, the man’s previously misguided squirts of  impulse may become productive instead falling uselessly upon the cold, cold ground.
And when those focused yearnings have at last borne fruit, the man begins to learn responsibility, which is a far greater purpose for his existence than any previous hedonistic wanderings could provide.

Although the contemporary human angsty alienation might discourage the man and his chosen woman from bringing children into this earth, they should  not be dissuaded by the pervasive nihilism. The naysayers may broadcast a message that the world is too screwed up and too crowded with carbon-emitters, but that is no reason to deny the most basic–and most satisfying–life impulse, raising children.
It makes life worth livin’.
So love life, men and women, while raising your young ones, whether they are your own flesh and blood or not, and teach them that life is precious. It is fragile, and needs protection. If you don’t raise them and teach them, who will?

And although humans are trashing the planet, and though they make a national sport of blaming each other for the shit that happens, maybe your kid will be the one to figure out how to clean this mess up. Maybe your daughter will the one to help the oil barons understand Rachel Carson. Maybe your son will be the inventer who puts an end, once and for all, to our suicidal dependence on fossil fuels.
Or who knows? Maybe you will be the one to make that breakthrough, if you’re not wasting your life irresponsibly.