the children of the world play in spite of it all

Somewhere in the world today a child lives and breathes. But not all is well.
But the child doesn’t know it.
Somewhere in the world today a young one cluelessly entertains himself in the dusty rubble of an  earthquake aftermath. But the child is unaware of the extremity of its need,

because…well, it is only a child–innocent, unaware, having  little previous standard of comfort with which to compare its present dearth.

In Haiti, not so terribly far from the atrocity of deepwater oil that devours our attention, not so terribly far from the spewing hydrocarbonous monster… in the next oceanary body of water over, beneath the last planetary disaster that engulfed our pathos…in the place called Port au Prince…

a child picks up a cast-aside, one-quart oil container–an empty, black plastic Havoline bottle–and fashions a toy truck out of it…

an imaginary model of the truck that will one day haul away the rubble?

a plaything to carry the audacity of human hope through the midst of chaos?

A photo of this child’s toy, this plaything improvised from beneath the wreckage inflicted by some immense, far-flung planetary fault, is but one of many images that Stephanie and Lesa share with us, the comfortable online world, from their collective  efforts to assist Haitian recoveries.

They saw what they saw and they can’t deny it. Maybe you should see it too.


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