Y’all vacation in the deep south now, y’heah?

Will you be taking a vacation this summer?
If so, let me suggest a few destinations.
How about New Orleans? There’s no place like it in the US. It’s like a little chunk of old France dropped down next to the Mississippi, with a shot of deep south ambiance mixed in for a cool evening highball. They do great cuisine down there; you can still get the best unique creole seafood on the planet. This would be a good time to partake of it; it may become scarce.

Take a train to New Orleans. The Southern Crescent is a richly cultural ride, and you get to see the great American south along the way, accompanied by the low, hypnotic rhythm of the rails, and the rare clatter of silverware in iced tea on white tabelecloth in the dining car. At least, that’s the I remember it.

If, after a few days in the the Big Easy, that ole crescent city gets a little too steamy for you, head east along the Mississippi Coast to Biloxi, or Mobile, or even as far as Pensacola.

Live a little. Stop to smell the magnolias, and the sea breezes. Spend a few bucks along the way; the locals will appreciate it. Enjoy classic southern cooking, with cornbread and mustard greens. Feast on broiled flounder, or fried red snapper, in the fine dining establishments.

While you’re strolling on the beach after dinner, carry a plastic bag or two. If you see anything that’s not supposed to be there, like beer cans, bottles, or six-pack plastic thingies, do us all a favor and remove them. If you find tarballs, hell, throw them in the bag too. They’re like planetary do-do; nobody wants to step on them.

A big oil wad would make a curious memento of your 2010 vacation. And it would be one less nuisance that someone else doesn’t have to step over, or swim around.
I’m serious, y’all.  Think about it.

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