Armando’s smile

Armando Galarraga’s smile, caught on video, is worth a million bucks. His good attitude beneath it is worth a billion. Nobody on earth can take that joyous perspective away from him–no batter, no runner, no umpire.
The Detroit Tigers pitcher had just been “robbed” of what would have been a “perfect game” by the umpire’s bad call in the ninth inning.

The umpire called the runner–who would have been the last batter of the game had he been called out–safe. It was a close call, for sure. But most everyone agrees it was a bad one. Certainly everyone in Detroit agrees it was a bad call.
The umpire later apologized for his faulty judgment. John Lowe wrote about it in the Detroit Free Press, and provides a video link.

A perfect game is, you see, for a pitcher in baseball, something like a Super Bowl ring for a football player, only rarer.
The umpire, Jim Joyce, is torn up with regret, but it took a real man, God bless ‘im, to admit his mistake in the midst of the frenzied anger that his controversial call had generated.
Galrraga was summoned to visit the umpire shortly after the game. “Nobody’s perfect,” said the great pitcher to the stricken umpire.

On the video, just a second after the travesty, Armando Galarraga can be seen smiling, like, it was nice while it lasted.
Such character.  We need more like him in America.

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