The tongue is a fire

How could one man provoke an entire nation into massive genocide?
He made a deal with the devil.
What was the contract?
Adolf Hitler sold the soul of his adopted nation to the god of forces in exchange for fulfillment of his hate-wish against the Jews. After the deal was struck, he absconded from the other side of the world a symblol unfamiliar to western eyes–an ancient swastika that was alien to the German people and their traditions. With that strangely stark crooked shape he thrust his destructive will upon an unsuspecting world.
His campaign of war and destruction was no final “solution” to anybody’s problem.
How did he do it?
Hate speech.
Could what happened in Nazi Germany happen here?
Do I want to live in a nation in which hate speech is protected?
Do I want to live in a nation in which free speech is protected?
Can I have it both ways?  Condemnation of hate speech, and freedom of speech?
Can we regulate the hateful impulses of men during volatile times?
If the Federal Communications Commission, for instance, places Internet Service Providers under Title II of the Communications act, does that regulation contain any power to curtail the power of hateful people to unleash havoc upon the world?
Or do we, by proclaiming yet more small-print rules to be printed in dusty legal volumes, just lay one more branch upon the funeral pyre of impotent human government?

We can make all the rules we want to, but we can effectively govern only actions, not intentions.

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