Our Prez catching shrapnel from both sides

Our President is catching shrapnel from both sides. May God help him.
Carville and Matthews are trashing him from the left, over supposed failure to act against BP on the oil spill. Mr. Obama is not a god, you know.  His job is to preserve the union of our United States, not clean up the Gulf of Mexico.
The trashing of the Gulf of Oil is BP’s responsibility; everyone in the USA knows that. If BP can shift some of the blame onto Transocean and Halliburton, then that’s an issue for them to settle between the three of them. Their combined assets will not clean up the massive extent of oily mess.
I know our President and his administration, and we the people of the United States, are going to hold BP et al accountable for the destruction they have inflicted.

On the right, of course there’s plenty of criticism of our President. Rand Paul says the President is too critical of BP.  Mr. Paul is wrong about that. Whoever this libertarian Kentuckian is, and whatever he’s up to I don’t know, but I hope the guy is not a closet racist, because he’s assuming a serious leadership role in the emerging conservative backlash
Meanwhile, back in other issues of the heartland, the senator wannabe from Kentucky did make a very timely point when he said we need to “get OSHA out of our small businesses. We need to restrain government to let small businesses create jobs,”

Small business and Big business have become two very different entities in the USA, with totally different issues. The teaparty crowd hasn’t figured that out yet. A little instruction from the left, instead of same-old same-old kneejerk vindictive politics, could be helpful.

It’s time for us to muzzle the big dogs so the little one can eat.

You go, Mr. President!  Keep this embattled ship of state on a steady course.

“Your ears will hear a word behind you, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ whenever you turn to the right or to the left”      Isaiah 30:21

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