American Dynamo

The Roman Empire fell, and the sun set on the British Empire.
The American Dynamo ran out of gas; 200 years of laborious productivity has gone up in smoke.
In the 1990s, when the great machine started to sputter,  the money-movers shook with fear, and asked themselves what the hell do we do now. With impressive yankee ingenuity, they improvised  strategies to make the thing go on hot air.  Eschewing any admission of bottom line finality, they milked the great, clattering profit-generator for all it was worth. New instruments were derived to make it run on fumes; the movers and shakers swapped credits with abandon, to perpetuate a dream of growth; they even dug up zombie debits and passed them around.
But in September of 2008, the American Dynamo slowed to a squeaking halt.
Although the debt mechanics managed to crank her up again, in April of 2010 she began hemorraging into the gulf of Mexico.
The life-blood of our planet is gushing out into the ocean, taking our precious life and prosperity with it.
And millions are wandering in unemployment shock, wondering what to do.
What’s next?
We’d better find something else to do. Its time to get off our democratic asses and our republican rumps.
Maybe we’ve built enough machines in this country for awhile; maybe we’ve burned enough gas for one lifetime.
We should go back to growing stuff.
Can you see any good ground from your window?
How about it? Have you planted anything lately? Have you ever planted anything? Maybe a tomato vine.
This is, you know, the spring of 2010. It can be a time of new beginning.
How about…a sunflower?
Or two.

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