‘Tis a ruthless world we live in.
Not so long ago Hitler and Stalin
cast their murderous hurly-burly upon the unsuspecting world.
Where are the malware-brewing bearers of their foul legacy
now? What new Mao
or Pol Pot
lurks to ride roughshod upon the grace of our good intentions?

Did we drive them into the depths, never to wield their bloody piles
What denizens of destructive ire
wait now upon the shadows of some universal discontent?
What advocates of mayhem
weave their tangled web among the limbs of our atrocity?
I will wait
and hear what beast
doth lie beneath this deathly calm–
what scurrilous law of state
doth wait to nail our liberty of lies
upon a cross of hate.
I will wait
to slay him–this beast of old.
Maybe it won’t happen again.
Oh, God help us

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