Getting back to ironically Aaronic roots

Meat-eating is falling out of political correctness these days for several reasons.
One reason is: it has been determined that raising and consuming animals for food makes a bigger carbon footprint than producing  veggies and fruits for consumption.

Then there are the myriad issues like cruelty to animals, and confining them to small, unnaturally cramped spaces during their brief lifespans, thus depriving them of any decent quality of life. There’s also the shitpile of problems we humans accumulate when we gather so many beasts into small confines for purposes of fattening and killing them. It’s a stinking mess while we’re raising them,  and an offal mess when we slaughter them.

That’s after we inject them with all kinds of human synthetic materials like hormones, enzymes, inoculations, engineered genes and God only knows what else.

Nevertheless, most of us still line up, like sheep led to the slaughter, at restaurants to wolf down our hamburgers, steaks, sausage biscuits, pastramis, gyros, and foie gras.
I like meat too, although the older I get I see the viands as something to be added, sparingly, to vegetable creations, thus providing some flavorful protein, instead cooking a big hunk of some kind of roast with some potatoes thrown in and a few token carrots, like my Irish ancestors did.

Speaking of ancestors, I was reading the book of Exodus this morning, because I believe that ancient texts provide some helpful time-traveling perspective and therefore anthropological relevance, along with cultural profundity,  to our angst-ridden, post-existential, rudderless existence. Plus, those scriptures are, like, wholly holy.
And so here’s one that I came across:

“You shall also take the one ram, and Aaron and his sons shall lay their hands on the head of the ram; and you shall slaughter the ram and shall take its blood and sprinkle it around on the altar.”
“Then you shall cut the ram into pieces and wash its entrails and its legs, and put them with its pieces and its head. You shall offer up in smoke the whole ram on the altar; it is a burnt offering to the Lord.”

And I’m like, wazzup wi this?  This is so irrelevant for evolved modern sensibilities and world view.  It’s totally gross.
On the other hand, if we highly-evolved homo sapiens were to humaneize our system of meat production a la the reforms implied in Food, Inc., and bring meat production back to some level of natural stewardship and local oversight, and assign some spiritual significance to the sacrifice of innocent life that feeds our carnal appetite, and even thank God for the sacrifice while treating the whole ritual as holy provision for our sustenance rather than grossly hyper-productive animalicide, we might find ourselves better-adjusted as children of the universe, and perhaps eat healthier food.
And I thought we should, like, try a few reforms along these lines. Is that kosher with you?


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