The incisive Mr. Will

I’ve been following the health care debate for the last six months or so. The progressives had me convinced that something needs to be done to get everybody in the US covered. Although I’m a republican, I was steadily more impressed at the passion and persistence with which democrats mustered up a photo-finish passage of their health care package.  I felt genuinely happy for them, and for the underrepresented people of our nation, when the bill passed last Sunday night and was signed into law by President Obama on Tuesday.
The warm glow of approval was suddenly cooled, however, last night when I read what Mr. George Will had to say about it. Here’s a short list of his concers:
~the power of entitlement plans to increase citizen dependency on government programs
~the burden of taxes and mandates that weighs down the “dynamism” of investments and job creation
~the already-existing massive weight of health care entitlements to the retiring boomers
~the inflative, enduring connection of health care costs to wages
~the new law’s unrealistic dependence on Medicare cuts
~the dubious budget-manipulating that lends an “Enronesque” unease to CBO cost projections
~”The bill is a museum of hoary artifacts from liberalism’s attic,” wrote Mr. Will.
~the increasing complexity of our health care delivery system, which leads to a user-unfriendly loss of accessibility
~higher premiums that will result from “making the risk pool more risky”(re: pre-existing conditions people)

So now I’m having second thoughts about it all. How about you?


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