In defense of God

Phil Angelides mentioned to Lloyd Blankfein that there is a difference between acts of God and acts of men/women.

I’d like to add a little bit to that discussion by pointing out that there is also a difference between acts of God and acts of nature.

An act of God would be, for instance his provision every minute of every day of breath in your lungs and beating in your heart.

On the other hand, a financial breakdown would be classified as an act of man, because it is the foolishness of men that makes such things happen.

An earthquake, however, is an act of nature. There’s no need to blame God.

Here’s why:

If this lump of matter that we call earth was once a sizzling, hot sphere of lava that shot off from the sun or the big bang or from however all that creative process spun out, then there would necessarily be cracks forming along its surface as the earth cooled.

Have you ever seen a mud puddle that dried up in the sun? Perhaps you noticed the mud, thick and wet. A few days later you walked by it and noticed that the mud had cracked as it dried.

That process, roughly speaking, is what has happened on the entire surface of the earth since it became a planet. Furthermore, that geological process has not ended; it is still happening. Cracks are still forming in the surface of the earth, rearranging its face.

When a crack happens where thousands of people are living, many  get killed because heavy stuff that humans have made falls on them and crushes them. This is one of many hazards of living on this planet; it goes with the territory.

The cracks in earth’s crust develop along what geologists call “fault” lines.

So understand that the earthquake in Haiti happened as a result of a fault in the earth. This tragic event was the earth’s fault.

It there was any “curse” involved, it was just what somebody uttered when they realized what the hell was going down in Port au Prince.

It’s not God’s fault, and it’s not an act of God.

If you think the earth just happened this way, then don’t blame God because you don’t believe in him/her anyway.

If you’re thinking that maybe there is a God who created the earth, then you may be wondering why did he make such a dangerous place where innocent people get killed seemingly for no reason?

I don’t know, but I do know this: you shouldn’t shove the blame on God for something that is the earth’s fault.

If you ever do meet him then perhaps you can ask him about it.

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