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Elohim delegated.

December 24, 2009

Well here’s the deal as near as we can figure it based on the revelation that came through Abraham and Moses and the other great writers in their tradition: Elohim was quite creative–an artist, you know–and wanted to create a universe, and so Elohim did, and  with quite a big bang was it jumpstarted.
And Elohim took one little quarky dork in that large expanse of matter and energy and matergy, and facilitated there on that one little blue-green speck optimum conditions for a new phenom called life. And as life was moving right along on the speck, Elohim was writing the DNA codes by which that life would further develop, Elohim had a notion to generate a new work capable of conscious response to Elohim’s enquiries and entreaties. And so Elohim brought forth a piece of work that was, as they say, “in our mage,” that is to say, capable of responding to his creator and therefore possessing God-consicousness, and also, as if that wasn’t enough, self-consciousness, which later became a problem, but anyway,
That’s how “man” came to be, near as I and Moses can figure it.
But then Elohim saw that man was lonely so Elohim fashioned a mate, and when man saw his mate he said “shonuff!. I shonuff do appreciate this development. Hubba hubba!” And so Adam shonuff did sound the shofar. No, that came later, getting ahead of myself.
Now since Elohim had written the code for man/woman to be “in our image,” then that meant that the new piece of work had some elements of choice or what we call free will. Otherwise the new creature wouldn’t really be “in our image,” but would be unaware of the Spirit like the other creatures that existed prior to that day when Elohim breathed into Adam and gave a spirit–something quite unique and quite innovative and heretofore unknown on the blue-green speck.
And so because the human project had a free will but was not God the human had a steep learning curve. And he/she screwed up, like, you know, a baby trying to figure out how to walk and how to balance a budget and how to write a blog and so forth. And so this newly evolved being on the blue-green speck made some false starts and some mistakes  and actually made quite a mess of things but that’s ok because Elohim wanted a creature possessing free will.  That was very important in Elohim’s multiple eyes.
U see man/woman  wasn’t playing with a full deck because he/she wasn’t Elohim, but only Elohim’s creation. It was all part of the plan, written in the code, so to speak, but not entirely in the code because of the free will thing. Pick up a Chance card.
And so Elohim looked down on all this creation that had evolved on the blue-green speck, uniquely orchestrated  and calculated, you might say pre-ordained or predestinated but only to a certain extent because of the free will thing and I dont care what skinner said. Anyway, Elohim said this is pretty damn good. “It is good.”
And it was, in fact, so good that Elohim wanted to get in the game and so a little later on Elohim entered into the creation that Elohim had made, only this time with Elohim conscousness on the inside of  a pair of human eyes instead of the outside and so Elohim did and that was the baby born in Bethlehem that we call God with us, who later got in trouble and got himself crucified but then raised from being dead.  Yeah, that guy.
Merry Christmas.

Do you know where wealth comes from

December 22, 2009

Where does wealth come from? Is it doled out from the government? Does it begin with entrepeneurs? Does it originate in the hearts and minds of enterprising people? Does it grow up from the ground, to be harvested by farmers? Does it lie inside the earth, to be uncovered by miners? Is it flowing in the rivers and tides, to be captured by engineers? Is wealth residing in the gray matter between your ears? Is it somewhere between your legs? Does it arrive as a monthly check in your mailbox? Does wealth await you in a golden bowl at the end of a rainbow?

This wintry morning, I ponder these questions while caught up in the current philosophical conundrum that seeks to discover the key to a productive life. Glimpsing into the lives of a few different people whom I know or have known, I find:
Person #1: “Jan” has had some bad luck. Jan is single, but was once married. Jan has kids, but sees them only occasionally. Jan has a disability, and collects money from monthly checks that come in the mailbox. Jan enjoys smoking cigarettes and watching TV.
Person #2: “Pat” has made some constructive choices. Pat has had a faithful spouse for many years, and a few children who are now grown. Pat has operated a small business for many years, employing an average of five or so people for most of those years, although the business is now quite slow. Pat also has a home-based craft/hobby which may contain some income-generating potential.
Person #3: “Michel” works as a dishwasher at a restaurant, and has done so for many years. Michel was married for a long time, and helped to raise spouse’s kids from a previous union. In the spare time, Michel enjoys smoking cigarettes and watching TV.
Person #4: “Yves” is a professor, teaching business courses at a large university. Yves has tenure, and is generally well-regarded by students and faculty. Yves is divorced, has no children. But Yves always has some hot prospects. Yves enjoys skiing in winter and boating in summer, and appreciates wines.
Person #6: “Jo” has been a shift supervisor for many years with a large apparel-manufacturing company, but Jo was laid-off about a year ago. Being on extended unemployment benefits has been an ordeal for Jo because Jo’s identity was all tied up in the position at work. Jo has never married, but enjoys fooling around and likes beer.

Which one of these individuals has the best chances of producing wealth and enjoying it? Why?
I’m wondering about this as I prepare to go and dig the car out of the snow.
Perhaps wealth is like a loaf of bread that you can break or slice and pass among friends. It may be a fine wine that is savored from the brim to the dregs. Wealth could be like, you know, dessert–you can have your cake and eat it too.
Who knows, wealth may be just a state of mind. If you have any thoughts to share about this situation, please let me know.

Hello world!

December 22, 2009

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